The “outsourcing” method allows our client companies to take advantage of the support of a team with an important commercial experience achieved in more than 25 years. If we compare what is necessary to obtain the same service in terms of experience in case of employment, it is clear that with us both costs and the possible risks of failure or / and errors due to inexperience are reduced.

Our business allows our customers to get more opportunities to increase sales, thanks to a team of professionals experts of markets opening to creating/training and develop sales networks, that working alongside the company , instead of a single employee.

Zero time for the company to has:

  • Your dedicated sales office, with knowledge
  • Connection while abroad that can work quickly
  • Reports, knowledge and experiences of over 25
  • Team specialist able to open new specific relations
  • A work team that carries out the many commercial development activities, able to work immediately on the concept of company development (planning, analysis, commercial development, first contact, definition of agreements, acquisition of orders, maintenance and increase of the business in the markets)