In recent years, business has become more and more complex requiring companies to focus mainly on their core competencies, increased awareness of entrepreneurs and managers, of having to reduce costs and improve business efficiency.

Outsourcing is the term through which the company assigns to expert and professional external suppliers one or more services and activities necessary for the commercial development of its company.

As TKF3 we offer an outsourcing service of commercial support activities with customized solutions for specific customer needs, providing flexible, reliable and high-performance services.

Outsourcing the commercial part with TKF3 allows you to use commercial knowledge and skills, and in the same time obtaining superior advantages compared to internal management:

  • Expertise and experience
  • Qualified managers
  • Shifting fixed costs into variables
  • Greater efficiency and focus on core business
  • Timesaving
  • Better risk management
  • Greater flexibility and Choice
  • Turnover increase

Every above services concern concern commercial development and the internationalization both area become fundamental cornerstone of ach company wishing to expand it’s business.

Each service is tailor made studied and personalized on the basis of the customer’s needs by developing a specific commercial or internationalization plan that allows you to keep track and monitor all the steps necessary to reach the agreed goal.

Each service is tailor made and developed to respond of the specific customer’s needs. Every single commercial or internationalization plan is made to allow a keeping track of every steps necessary to reach the agreed goal. Thank’s this business model our customer walks the road of the commercial success with us, growing in his business and knowledge with us.
Working with us in Outsourcing, for our customer it means make immediate use and apply specialized skills and high-quality resources both in Italy and abroad capable, to generate tangible results through an profitability increase, a reduction of internal costs, greater flexibility and a greater simplification of organizational structures.

TKF3 is synonymous of competence and responsiveness to achieve new commercial opportunities and face the new challenges of the Italian and international markets, working alongside the businesman.