Headquarter:: Italy
Headquarter: Look ManModa uomo
Targhet: Sell the Brand in China
Timing: 12 Months
Result: Over the set goals, business: revenue more of € 3.000.000

Headquarter:: Italy
Production: Industrial machines for cables and hoses
Targhet: To develop Chinese market and strategy
Timing: 27 Months
Result: € 1.400.000 revenue

Headquarter:: Italy
Production: General contractor architectural firm
Targhet: Market opening of UAE
Timing: 8 Months
Result: 2 Contracts €1 million revenue valued

Headquarter:: Italy
Headquarter: Automatic machines in the packaging industry
Production: Development of commercial network in Italy and abroad and
Timing: 20 Months
Risultato: € 1.100.000 di Revenue

Headquarter:: U.K.
Production: Fashion
Targhet: Luxury fashion outlets
Timing: 36 Months
Result: Open 3 outlets € 4.500.000 revenue

Headquarter:: Cina
Production: Fabrics Manufacturer, complete of dyeing dep
Targhet: To develop Chinese market and strategy
Timing: 12 Months
Result: Completed on time and within badget

Headquarter: USA
Production: Sports goods and apparel manufacturers
Targhet: Develop and implement sales & marketing plan to Golf clothing
Tempistica: 24 Months
Result: 25% increase profits

Headquarter: USA
Production: Golf clothing, clubs and balls
Targhet: Develop and implement strategic plan
Timing: 96 Months
Result: Increased sales of U.S. $ 2 Mil. to US $ 15 Million