The Italian country, with its “made in Italy” can be a great opportunity also to find and purchases  products, materials, services and opportunities to buy, that are interesting or necessary for your business.

Worldwide “Made in Italy” has become famous as synonym of quality and innovation, quality in eating, quality of life, quality and innovation in fashion, and in aerospace technologies, as well as in everyday technologies and in cars or motorcycles.

Can the “Made in Italy” be a resource for your company for your business?
But in the same time can distance be a problem?

Who is looking for the right product for you? or the right company or the craftsman for you, does it do it via the internet? or selling once a year in Italy?

We live here in Italy, our native country, and we know very well each different approaches necessary for the various regions of Italy as well as the different and specific mentalities of every sectors/fields.
Our skills are complemented also by over 25 years of experience in the commercial field, useful knowledge to successfully execute both negotiations and agreements with proficiency and method.

Proficiency and knowledge, are the strong foundations of our services, to obtain the best benefits for our customers in every step, product research, reliable supplier research, price negotiation, quality control, shipment control

Would you like to work with the Italian market by having your own people, who also know the different mentalities in the various areas of Italy and in the various sector? We do it.

Would you like to have, always at your side, who can meet in person to verify the real situation of the supplier and of the goods, as well as the shipping conditions? We do this.

Would you like to have with you, people that for every request you will make, they first of all, they will only think about how to best set it up to get the maximum benefits for you? To search the supplier, to search the right product, or to control quality and reliability, or for any other request you will make? we do this.

It is very easy for us meet in person the potential supplier before signing any purchase, to verify the real capacity, price, and the production capacity of the supplier, or to verify the quality of the product, rather than relying exclusively on appearance from a distance.

If you have a presence in Italy, it avoids several problems. Above we presented some of our services that allow our customers to get the best solutions, and to sleep peacefully, always and here below we’ll present some sector in wich the Made in Italy has a it’s own appeal.

Italy excels in many sectors with its products and services, maybe you are interested in our support in one of these or others, contact us, you will avoid many misunderstandings. Only a brief indication of the Italian excellence areas:

  • Luxury and high quality of furnishing
  • Food
  • Textile and furnishing textiles
  • Jewels
  • Fast Fashion
  • Automation
  • Tecnology
  • Turism