TKF3 is born from the collaboration of Italian and foreign specialists with over 25 years of experience.

Our goal is to improve the turnover of our customers by seizing market opportunities.

The work is carried out with methodology and planning in order to achieve the set objectives.

Our services are also used by foreign companies both to access to the Italian market and to open new markets to increase their revenue.


To grow the companies of our customer and to open new markets, we work alongside the customer and directly in the new reference markets, with:

  • A team dedicated to work in Italy or in selected foreign countries
  • Analysis of the company or product and its qualities
  • Market and sector analysis
  • Definition of medium / long-term objectives
  • Planning of the most suitable strategies
  • Planning of intermediate steps
  • Implementation of strategies to achieve the set objectives:
  • Opening contacts on behalf of the company in the new market
  • Creation of distribution system, local commercial or assistance
  • Training and control in the new market
  • Events and fairs selection or creation and participation

Our methodology is based on a methodical and effective system that can be summarized through the following points:

  • SWOT Analysis (creation and processing)
  • Sales strategies development
  • shared objectives execution plan
  • Commercial opening through direct or distributive channels