If you’d rather be in Italy for your business, never give up we are in Italy to work for you and to work with you


We will guide you and we’ll manage for you and with you the opening of the Italian market, finding
Italian commercial partner, distributor or agents interested in your products/services, or we’ll develop the commercial network.

Headquartered in Firenze, we are centrally located and able to reach anywhere the Italy market easily, ideal position, where you can have your own office in Italy, that work for you and verify and growing every single opportunity.

Foreign companies interested in the Italian market find in Italy TKF3 a competent and reliable partner with whom starting from preliminary information, up to business development. Solutions that facilitate the achievement of our customers’ objectives for the Italian market.

Get the Italian market, step-by-step planning to launching or Expanding a new product/service/brand into a new market. Between a job well done and one done poorly, the difference can be between making or destroying its success.

What going strategy you can use to enter in the italian market?

It’s very important for you, sets your initiative up for success having a trust-partner that live and work in Italy.

To prepare at the best the road, together we will have to answering to several questions and some one for example are:

• What product/service are you selling, and which problem does it solve?
• Who is your ideal customer, and why?
• What markets do you want to pursue, and what does the demand and competition look like in those markets?
• How will we reach together the target customers and create demand?

Launching a product is a big investment. And no matter how cutting-edge the product/service is, the way you market and sell your product can make or break its success. When TKF3 creates a specific strategy helps you ensure you’re taking everything into account and avoid costly mistakes — like launching your product to the wrong audience or in a market that’s already saturated with similar offerings.

Having a partner who was born and lives in Italy, knowing the local mentality and ways of doing things, is fundamental.

Our strategy creation and our direct work help make sure you take everything into consideration and avoid costly mistakes, such as pitching your product to the wrong audience, or the wrong way, or in a market that is already saturated with similar offerings.

What strategy, timing and investments?
To answer these questions, we need to know, which product or service or brand we are going to work for. What will have to expand in the Italian market.

The objectives and the results sought must be understood and shared by us
At this point, a penetration strategy will be defined, shared with the customer
And through our direct work, we will begin the market entry phase.

Our work is a complete set of tailor-made services, such as marketing strategies, sales networks or distributors by organizing b2b meetings, corporate promotion events aimed at customers and partners. Moreover, our work is to open, maintain and grow the Italian market and the networks of partners or distributors who work for you, through our continuous control and incentives to make them grow every month and every year.

Our awesome services that we offer to you as your italian office, aimed at:

  • enhancing and protecting customers’ investments ever
  • reducing operating costs
  • minimising risks
  • maintaining a stable relationship with the markets
  • Analysis of the market for you
  • Goal Setting (Clear Goals means devising a successful strategy to acquire the market)
  • Entry strategy into the Italian market for foreign companies (best strategy to attack the market and obtain a profitable market in the years to come)
  • Establish an effective ad hoc organization
  • Coordinate activities related to the Italian market in a professional and structured way
  • Collector of business opportunities
  • Participation in fairs and events and cooperation for their perfect realization
  • Order collection
  • Italian office as an interface with customers
  • B2B, organizational and operative meetings
  • To be your practical and operative guide/partner

It is easy to understand that each of our services is tailor-made and changes by virtue of the product or service and of the sector too, for which we must open the doors of Italy. Each foreign company has its own heritage, created by its own culture and experience that makes its product or service unique and important for the Italian market. For this reason, to be able to pass every peculiarity, we create a package of services,

with an “ad hoc” entry methods and consequently tailored growth and marketing plans, such as both objectives, methods and implementation times.
To find out more precisely the times and methods that may interest you, do not hesitate to contact us, we think that offering customized solutions for Italy is the best way to get to know us and start flying together on a successful pathway.